CyberLeader Software

CyberLeader Software 4.1

Internet Cafe Billing System

CyberLeader Software program is an application tool that is a business solution in computer rentals and usage. The program's technology is capable of charging its users the correct and accurate amount according to the time of usage.

This is an ideal software tool for Internet shops, cafes, hotels, libraries, college campuses and other related businesses. The comprehensive billing system of this software makes it easy to print out copies of sales reports and POS billing.

CyberLeader Software has two usage methods: Play and Pay and Prep-paid mode. This software is capable of detailed pricing settings so you can give an accurate bill to customers.

Plus, CyberLeader Software has employee password-protected accounts to ensure security from unauthorized use. When computers are not in use, the client computers are locked to ensure safety from unauthorized use.

This application is a good software solution to monitor sales, execute a billing system, generate sales reports, and ensure computer security.

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CyberLeader Software


CyberLeader Software 4.1

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